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Dominion Capital Management, LLC

Your Family, Your Money, Your Way

The Dynamic Business Solution™

Most business owners spend more time planning their vacation than determining how they will leave their business at the proper time. We use comprehensive tax and planning strategies to assist entrepreneurs to increase the value of their business, and facilitate the optimum transfer of their business, so that you receive the maximum net value. We work with you to clarify your goals and objectives and implement these perspectives in the planning process.

The Watchful Eye Asset Guide™

 When you have accumulated wealth, you also have concerns about preserving that wealth and growing it in a controlled manner. We understand this and utilize new professional management and monitoring systems to reach your goals and objectives, while staying in harmony with your values. You retain a feeling of security, comfort, and satisfaction, knowing that we continuously review your assets with a view towards the latest tax laws.

The Employee Retention Carrot Plan™

 You need to attract and retain top talent to remain competitive, and great salary and benefits aren’t always enough. It may not be time to give them stock or options in the company; but you need their talent and ability. Our proven employee retention strategies will provide the “carrot” to entice and motivate them. When employees know they have incredible benefit options to work towards, they have the incentive and desire to succeed with your company. We can do this with little or no impact to your bottom line, so there is a “win-win” for everyone.

The Secure Lifestyle Plan™

You spent your life working and may continue to work. Your assets should be working for you. With proper preparation, you can feel secure knowing a plan is in place to preserve your assets and provide the income you need to maintain your standard of living and quality of life. We can also help if you have special needs and charitable objectives you want to fulfill.

The Controlled Legacy Solution™

We look at the whole picture regarding both the wealth and the values you want to leave behind. This includes: Multigenerational Gifting and Charitable Interests. You stay in control.